About Us

We are parents. We are mentors. We are proud of our children. We are artists. We are singers. We are leaders in our community. We are regular Joes. We believe in our city’s future. We are tired of waiting. We are changing lives one child at a time.

Who We Are

We are Burlingtonians who care about our city’s kids and their future. Our future. We came together in 1996 as a small group of concerned citizens who felt we could do better when it comes to our children. Originally The Burlington Schools Foundation, we changed our name to reflect our goal to meet the needs of students.

We are volunteers from all parts of the Burlington community. From a dedicated Board of Directors to partners and parents who care about the kids their kids know, we are working to make a difference.

What We Do

Every child has a voice. Every child has a unique talent. Sometimes that voice is muffled. Sometimes that talent lies dormant. We know what happens to kids when their talents remain hidden and their voices remain quiet. They check out. From school. From family. From activities. From friends. We help Burlington’s kids discover their voices and gifts.

The Burlington Students Foundation supports programs that open up ways for kids to find their passions, their confidence, their selves. It’s tough to be an artist without materials. Or a writer without books. We believe the more choices kids have–the more chances kids have–the better their odds of succeeding now and in the future.

With the help of our generous partners and donors, we collect and distribute funds to programs that directly serve the students of Burlington. Every program we support goes through an extensive review process, and the best of the best are funded. The projects that make the cut are the ones that have the greatest impact on our students. The next generation of Burlington artists, actors and leaders is out there. All we have to do is give them a canvas, a stage, a megaphone.