Art programs. Theater programs. Outside-the-box programs. Smart programs. Too-new-to-have-names programs. Programs for bookworms. Programs for finding earthworms. You think it, we’ll try to make it happen. You dream it, a child gets to live it.

Program Guidelines

The Burlington Students Foundation is proud to offer one-time grants to programs that enrich the lives of our children. Our goal is to be a catalyst, providing funds to help Burlington’s schools and partner organizations increase and enrich educational opportunities for our children. We look for programs that bring people and resources together to solve a problem, meet a need and make a lasting impact.

Who is eligible:
Grant applications are accepted from within the Burlington public schools or from outside organizations that work directly with the schools. Programs must provide services without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

What we fund:
Our support includes, but is not limited to the following categories: art, music, theater, math, science, technology, literacy, and movement enrichment.

Preference is given to programs that meet the following criteria:

  • Promote inter-school interaction
  • Foster positive connections between school and community
  • Build leadership, self-esteem, and confidence
  • Are extra and co-curricular programs not already supported by other groups (PTO, booster)
  • Promote diversity
  • Leverage other funding sources, in-kind gifts or partnerships
  • Have measurable outcomes

What we don’t fund:
While these projects no doubt have their own merits, in order to stay true to our mission we generally don’t fund building improvements, operating expenses, religious activities, small-group or single-classroom activities, travel, field trips, staff professional development, debt payments or projects that have already been completed.