Grant Application

The Successful Burlington Students Foundation Grant Application

The Burlington Students Foundation?s mission is to expand educational opportunities for Burlington school-aged children. The Foundation raises funds for the benefit of Burlington?s children; provides grants for creative and innovative programs; and administers grants, scholarships, and dedicated funds.

The BSF wants to be a catalyst, providing funds to help Burlington?s schools and partner organizations increase and enrich educational opportunities for our city?s children. We offer one-time grants and favor projects that directly serve Burlington?s school children and that bring people and resources together to solve a problem, meet a need, and make a lasting impact.


Please email Fall applications to BSF by November 4, 2011.
Please email Spring applications to BSF by March 5, 2012.

Decisions Dates

Fall: November 15, 2011.
Spring: March 30, 2012.

Total amount available for 2011-2012 academic year

Up to $5,000 per grant cycle

Grant size

Up to $2,000.

Who is eligible

Grant applications will be accepted from within the Burlington public schools or from outside organizations that work directly with the schools. Programs must provide services without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

What we fund

Categories of support by the BSF include, but are not limited to:

  • Math, science, art, music, theater, or movement enrichment programs
  • Technology (hardware or software) or equipment for a specified educational purpose
  • Literacy development media or programs

What we encourage

We look favorably on programs and projects that:

  • Promote/involve inter-school interaction
  • Foster positive connections between school and community
  • Build leadership, self-esteem, confidence, skills in students
  • Support the extra- and co-curricular realm not already supported by other groups (PTO, booster)
  • Promote or support diversity
  • Leverage other funding sources, in-kind gifts or partnerships
  • Have measurable outcomes

What we don’t fund

We do not generally make grants for: building improvement or maintenance; operating expenses; religious activities; small-group or single-classroom activities or materials; travel; field trips; staff professional development; debt payments; projects that have already been completed.

How to submit your application

Share your great idea with us! We don’t want to be overly restrictive in our requirements for submitting applications. We hope to receive requests to fund projects that we?ve never even dreamed of. We do, however, have a few guidelines to help us efficiently and fairly process the applications we receive each grant round. Please email each of the following documents to

  1. Completed BSF cover sheet. Download Now
  2. A brief narrative (one-to-three pages, single- or double-spaced) that describes your work and includes the following:
    • Organization or Program: Provide a brief description of your organization or program history, mission, current services, and goals.
    • Rationale: Describe the specific problem or need being addressed.
    • Project Description: Describe the project, program or activity you propose; the feasibility of the undertaking; the people who will benefit.
    • Outcomes: Describe the outcomes you expect; explain how you will measure for success.
    • People: List the people who will be overseeing the project, including their qualifications.
    • Timetable: Explain the timetable set for the project.
    • Budget: Detail the expenses that your project will incur. Include other income sources (proposed and secured) as well as in-kind materials or services.
  3. If the dollar amount requested is greater than $500, please submit a line-item budget that includes a list of expenses and income (other funding sources and/or in-kind support).

How we evaluate your application:

In evaluating applications, the BSF will consider the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with the BSF?s guidelines and mission
  • Well-documented school/community need for the project
  • The extent to which the project or program will address the needs of under-served populations within the Burlington School District
  • The diversity of the population served and the creation of across-group connections (multiple classrooms, grades or schools; involvement of the greater community)
  • Likelihood of success
  • Viability of project based on available resources (financial, human, other)
  • Measurable outcomes and value for Burlington schoolchildren
  • Procurement of support from other funders, in-kind gifts or partnerships
  • Availability of BSF funds and funding representation across the district

Email your application to:


We require a report 1-3 months after money is disbursed or project is completed, whichever is first. The report can be a one-to-three page narrative describing the program, how and when it was implemented, who participated in implementing the program, what benefits were provided, who the program served, the dates that the program was active, and, for projects receiving more than $500 in funding from BSF, a list of expenditures with copies of receipts for items costing more than $100.

Grant Application Support:

We are always here to help you. Feel free to contact us directly:

Michelle Clarke 860-7049
Carol Ode 863-3818
Ellen Zeman 862-2702

Contact us:

(802) 862-2702