• What If?
    What If?
    What if a promising young actor had a stage to perform on? What if a gifted student could be the first in her family to attend college? What if a developing artist was handed a paintbrush? What if every child in our city had the opportunity to thrive? That's why we?re here. Because 'what if' isn't good enough. Read about some of our successful programs.
  • Got Ideas?
    Got Ideas?
    Art programs. Theater programs. Outside-the-box programs. Smart programs. Too-new-to-have-names programs. Programs for bookworms. Programs for finding earthworms. You think it, we?ll try to make it happen. You dream it, a child gets to live it. Read about the grant opportunities.
  • Think Big
    Think Big
    The first in your family to attend college. The first writer in your neighborhood to win a Pulitzer. The top of your class. On top of the art world. How big can you go? Apply for a scholarship and find out.
  • About Us
    About Us
    We are parents. We are mentors. We are proud of our children. We are artists. We are singers. We are leaders in our community. We are regular Joes. We believe in our city's future. We are tired of waiting. We are changing lives one child at a time. Find out how you can help.

Our Mission is to help broaden educational opportunities for our youth by supporting programs that enrich and empower our students. As a non-profit organization, the Burlington Students Foundation works with schools and community organizations to give all Burlington children the opportunity to discover and nurture their talents.

Every child in this city deserves a champion.